Umirala je od anoreksije i imala jezivih 27 kilograma – danas je prezgodna a uspela je OVAKO (FOTO)

Izgubila je menstruaciju i obolela od teških bolesti.

Devojka po imenu Analiz Mišler iz Kalifornije, 2014. godine bila je na korak od smrti. Obolela je od anoreksije i spala na svega 27 kilograma. Izgubila je menstruaciju i obolela od anemije i osteoporoze.

Tri godine kasnije ona je doslovno neprepoznatljiva ali borba sa kilogramima i poremećajem u ishrani i dalje traje.

U poslednje vreme, Instagram preplavljuju slike devojaka koje su bile punije i uspele da izgube veliki broj kilograma ali Analiz se proslavila time što se ugojila. Kako danas kaže, u najgorim danima je imala ispod 30 kila i sati su je delili od sigurne smrti. Iako je bila kost i koža, sebi nikada nije bila dovoljno mršava.

– Živela sam u konstantnom poricanju i beznađu. Sebi nikada nisam izgledala dovoljno mršavo – rekla je ova devojka.

so many new friends on here!! ??✨ welcome to the freak show. im annalise and i’m 22 years old. i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has messaged me and know that i’ll get to reading every message and comment at some point! i didn’t expect my photo to blow up in the way that it did but since it did: IGNORE the fact that so many fitspo/diet culture/fat burner companies reposted my image claiming that i used their product or services to do what i did. LOL NO. there is no pill or supplement that can do what sitting on your ass and eating 6500+ calories a day can do. (you don’t necessarily need that many-i am an ectomorph and have naturally thin genetics) i’ve gotten a lot of questions asking how i did it and my response to you all is just to go to my youtube channel because i’ve put a lot of time and effort into providing (free) content surrounding my journey. also: a lot of accounts are twisting my story claiming that i had severe anorexia which is not the case. (look up ARFID). lastly, i don’t have hip or butt implants (lmao shoutout to the thousands of people accusing me of that i take it as a compliment) but i DO have breast implants! sorry but those were not a result of weight gain lol #ibtc also yes i used to have dark hair; that’s not a different person; the photo is not photoshopped; i’m not trying to promote a certain body type but rather HEALTH at EVERY SIZE. you can be 100 lbs and unhealthy and you can be 200 pounds and healthy as a horse. i did not take specific measures other than eating and resting to „get“ the body i have now. don’t believe anyone that tells me you can change your natural genetic body structure in an extreme way. ok. rant over. LOVE YOU ALL!

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Danas je njen izgled ali i celokupno zdravstveno stanje znatno bolje. Analizu je uspela gotovo da udvostruči svoju masu, pa danas teži 50 kilograma ali kako kaže, najznačajnija promena se desila u njenoj psihi.

Shvatila je da je anoreksija ozbiljna bolest i da ostavlja posledice za sobom jako dugo.

(Nov 2016-June 2017) it may not be #transformationtuesday but it is #humpday and despite the obvious physical change is an incredible mental change. i used to be scared to wear crop tops even tho i had an EIGHT pack because i worried that if i sat down my stomach would have rolls. (???) now, i weigh 60 pounds more and i wear a crop top more days than not and give zero fux. not only do i love my body more than ever and feel so much gratitude that i was able to live through 5 years of weighing less than half of what i should have, but i am determined to help anyone and everyone that is in the place that i was in the left photo and the second 2 photos. it’s why i do what i do–why i put myself out there online on youtube and why i am transparent and vulnerable with countless strangers. i want to help as many people as i can. i was given a second (and third and fourth) chance at life because i have a purpose; that purpose is to spread awareness and help those who can’t help themselves at the moment. my transformation video will be up on my youtube tonight. make sure to subscribe ✨?annie mishler

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